Garden Beds

Tecsteel garden beds are made in various shapes to suit the needs of the customer. They come in rounded or 90 degree corners. They can be step in style and hexagonal shape. Garden beds can be powdered coated to any color. Garden beds can be easily assembled as they come with prepunched holes and Hardware.

Round Corner Small Garden Bed


  • Fabricated from ASTM A653 G90 Galvanized steel.
  • 2″ X 0.5 corrugations provide stiffness and rigidity.
  • Top edge folded for safety and strength.
  • Straight pieces are bolted to the ends to get the required length.
  • Easy to increase length by bolting additional straight pieces to the garden bed.
  • Stiffner pieces included where required to prevent buckling.
  • Available in custom sizes.
  • Powder coated garden beds available.
  • Hardware included.
  • Everlasting environment friendly maintenance free.
  • Provide easy drainage.
  • Can be used around deck for decorating.
  • Packaged in cardboard boxes for long distance shipment.

Raised Garden Beds 36" wide

Part #WidthLengthHeightGaugeWeight(Lbs)
G36361236"36"12"20 Ga.23.7 lbs
G36481236"48"12"20 Ga.27.4 lbs
G36601236"60"12"20 Ga.31.1 lbs
G36721236"72"12"20 Ga.38.2 lbs
G36961236"96"12"20 Ga.45.6 lbs
G36362236"36"22"20 Ga.42.1 lbs
G36482236"48"22"20 Ga.48.7 lbs
G36602236"60"22"20 Ga.55.3 lbs
G36722236"72"22"20 Ga.69.1 lbs
G36363036"36"30"20 Ga.58.7 lbs
G36962236"96"22"20 Ga.82.4 lbs
G36483036"48"30"20 Ga.68.0 lbs
G36603036"60"30"20 Ga.74.0 lbs
G36723036"72"30"20 Ga.95.2 lbs
G36963036"96"30"20 Ga.114.1 lbs

Custom Sizes Available
Bolting Hardware included
Available in Radius Corners or 90 Degree Bent Corners

Raised Garden Beds 48" wide

Part #WidthLengthHeightGaugeWeight (LBS)
G48361248"36"12"20 Ga.27.4 lbs
G48481248"48"12"20 Ga.31.1 lbs
G48601248"60"12"20 Ga.34.8 lbs
G48721248"72"12"20 Ga.42.7 lbs
G48961248"96"12"20 Ga.50.2 lbs
G48362248"36"22"20 Ga.48.7 lbs
G48482248"48"22"20 Ga.55.3 lbs
G48602248"60"22"20 Ga.61.9 lbs
G48722248"72"22"20 Ga.77.7 lbs
G48962248"96"22"20 Ga.90.9 lbs
G48363048"36"30"20 Ga.68.0 lbs
G48483048"48"30"20 Ga.77.2 lbs
G48603048"60"30"20 Ga.86.5 lbs
G48723048"72"30"20 Ga.107.3 lbs
G48963048"96"30"20 Ga.125.8 lbs

Custom Sizes Available
Bolting Hardware included
Available in Radius Corners or 90 Degree Bent Corners

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