Our Products

Tecsteel window wells are fabricated from corrosion resistant G-90 galvanized steel.

Tec Steel Window Well Covers are manufactured from angle frame and expanded metal to allow for maximum light to go to the basement. Covers are engineered to carry a vertical load of 200 lb/ 2 sqft. Covers are available in two styles – STEEL COVERS (HOT DIP GALVANIZED) AND ALUMINIUM COVERS.

Tecsteel Ventilation Grille with Bug screen Grille fabricated from Heavy Duty Mesh profile with U-edging all around. Pre-drilled pilot hole; located to ensure and prevent easy removal of mesh.

Tecsteel utility sign post are fabricated from 12 Ga. Galv. ASTM A635 G90 steel. 

Tecsteel garden bed area made from ASTM A653 G90 Galvanized steel. They come in various shapes to suit the needs of the customers.

Tecsteel Truck Fenders are fabricated from ASTM A653 G90 galvanized 16 Ga. steel.

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