Powder Coated Window Wells

Tecsteel Powder coated window wells are available in many colors. One of the most popular colors is black.

Powder coated wells have superior protection as it is resisitant to scratching & chipping. Powder coating provides thermal bonding as it is allowed to be curved after coating. Color retention is for more superior. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Powder Coated window well Sizes

036121236"12"12"22 Ga.7.4 lbs
036122236"12"22"22 Ga.13.1 lbs
042121242"12"12"22 Ga.8.2 lbs
042121442"12"14.5"22 Ga.9.7 lbs
042122242"12"22"22 Ga.14.5 lbs
048122248"12"22"22 Ga.15.9 lbs
049242249"24"22"20 Ga.25 lbs
054162254"16"22"20 Ga.22.2 lbs
066182266"18"22"20 Ga.26.6 lbs

Custom Sizes Available

Stock 22"(550mm) Projection Window Wells

036222236"22"22"22 Ga.17.2 lbs
042222242"22"22"22 Ga.18.6 lbs
048222248"22"22"20 Ga.23.6 lbs
049222249"22"22"20 Ga.25.0 lbs
054222254"22"22"20 Ga.25.3 lbs
060222260"22"22"20 Ga.26.9 lbs
062222262"22"22"20 Ga.27.5 lbs
066222266"22"22"20 Ga.28.6 lbs
074222272"22"22"18 Ga.39.4 lbs
078222278"22"22"18 Ga.4.5 lbs

Custom Sizes Available

Stock 22"(550mm) Projection 30"High Window Well

036222136"22"30"20 Ga.28.3 lbs
042223042"22"30"20 Ga.30.6 lbs
048223048"22"30"20 Ga.32.9 lbs
054223054"22"30"20 Ga.35.3 lbs
060223060"22"30"20 Ga.37.6 lbs
062223062"22"30"20 Ga.38.3 lbs
066223066"22"30"20 Ga.39.9 lbs
072223072"22"30"18 Ga.54.9 lbs
078223078"22"30"18 Ga.57.9 lbs
084223084"22"30"18 Ga.60.9 lbs

Custom Sizes Available

Stock 30"(550mm) Projection Egress Window Wells

036302236"30"22"22 Ga.20.6 lbs
042302242"30"22"22 Ga.21.7 lbs
048302248"30"22"20 Ga.27.2 lbs
054302254"30"22"20 Ga.28.8 lbs
060302260"30"22"20 Ga.30.5 lbs
062302262"30"22"20 Ga.31.0 lbs
066302266"30"22"20 Ga.32.2 lbs
072302272"30"22"18 Ga.44.0 lbs
078302278"30"22"18 Ga.46.2 lbs

Custom Sizes Available

Stock 30"(550mm) Projection 30"High Egress Window Wells

036303036"30"30"20 Ga.33.2 lbs
042303042"30"30"20 Ga.35.6 lbs
048303048"30"30"20 Ga.37.9 lbs
054303054"30"30"20 Ga.40.3 lbs
060303060"30"30"20 Ga.42.6 lbs
062303062"30"30"20 Ga.43.3 lbs
066303066"30"30"20 Ga.44.9 lbs
072303072"30"30"18 Ga.61.4 lbs
078303078"30"30"18 Ga.64.5 lbs
084303084"30"30"18 Ga.67.5 lbs

Custom Sizes Available

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