Window Well Covers

Tecsteel window well covers sit flat on top of window well. Covers are manufactured from angle frame and expanded metal to allow for maximum light to go to the basement. Covers are engineered to carry a vertical load of 200 lb/ 2 sqft. Covers prevent accident fall into the window well it also prevents any build up of snow, weed and debris which could lead to basement flooding. In case of emergency the cover can be easily flipped over on to the ground side to allow for easy escape.

Covers are available in two styles – STEEL COVERS (HOT DIP GALVANIZED) AND ALUMINIUM COVERS. Optional polycarbonate sheet is available which is secured to the cover frame with removable plastic inserts. Polycarbonate sheet prevent most of the moisture going into the well. Tecsteel also manufactures rectangular covers for wooden and concrete window wells. It also manufactures covers for deck openings. Tecsteel window well covers are designed to let maximum light into the basement.

window well Cover Sizes

SizeSteel Covers (Hot Dip Galv.) WT.(LBS)Aluminium Covers WT(LBS)
36"L x 12"P105
42"L x 12"P116
48"L x 12"P127
36"L x 22"P187
42"L x 22"P198
48"L x 22"P209
54"L x 22"P22.510
60"L x 22"P2511
66"L x 22"P2712
72"L x 22"P2913
78"L x 22"P3114
36"L x 30"P2210
42"L x 30"P2411
48"L x 30"P2512
54"L x 30"P2714
60"L x 30"P3015
66"L x 30"P3516
72"L x 30"P4018
78"L x 30"P4219

Custom Sizes Available

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