Window Wells Installation

TECSTEEL window wells are fabricated from corrosion resistant G-90 galvanized steel. The 2” X 1/2” corrugations provide additional stiffness and rigidity. Top edge has 1/2” lip for safety and strength.

Window Well Benefits

Window Wells allow light, air and access into basement. Window Wells turns your basement from a damp and dreary place to one that is bright and uplifting. Window Wells prevent moisture damage.

Window Well Sizes & Installation

Measure the outside width and height of the window including the frame. width of window plus 6″ will give you the width of the window well you need. the height of the window well should be the height of the window plus 6″ to 8″ window well to be below the window plus 3″ above the finish grade.

For projection the latest building code should be followed. the basement building code in Alberta states that, for a basement window there should be a minimum clearance of 760 mm (30:) for a person to escape in case of emergency.


Dig a hole that is little bit larger than the window well. Lower the well into the hole. set the well against the foundation and make sure it is level. the inside edge of the window well should be 3″ from each side of the window. the well should be 6″ tp 8″ below the bottom of the window sill and 3″ above the finish grade.

making sure the well is level, mark the location of the holes on the foundation wall. Drill holes through the window wells into the foundation wall using masory bit. the holes should be 2″ deep minimum. use proper size of anchor bolts to secure the well to the foundation wall. Backlift the outer side of the window well with suitable soil and granvlar material.

fill inside of the window well with 2″ gravel making sure the weeping tile is above the gravel and also the gravel is not above the bottom of the window sill.

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